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Believe in me
Don't let me down,
I can hear a voice
But I can't hear a sound.

Don't hide behind
A book of romance,
About the love
That we once knew.

Don't talk to me
In whispers,
Don't turn off
The bedside lamp.

Don't alter the conversation
We're not having,
Because you're tired
And you have cramp.

Why don't you talk?
Are your lips sewn together?
Is it you have another headache?
Thats a joke or is it the weather?

I get more love from the dog
At least he greets me at the door,
It's like living with a lump of stone
I can't go on like this anymore.

The doll in his bed lay dormant
Which he thought was his wife,
But his wife had been gone
For ten years causing him strife.

He spoke to the doll everynight
So that protected his fears,
Of having to live without her love
He always went to sleep with tears.

In the morning he would make her tea
And kiss her goodbye on the cheek,
He didn't have anybody else
but he couldn't understand why
She didn't speak.

He even lost his poor old dog
He then gave up and would'nt try,
He just wandered round the house
all he kept on muttering was WHY?

They found him in his bed
With his arms wrapped around dolly,
He had died from a broken heart
And so went up to heaven to join
and be with his wife and border collie.

By listener

© 2012 listener (All rights reserved)


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