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In Memory of Clouds
(with no TV, computers,Iphones or video games, we made our own fun)

As a youth I would lay with my back to the ground
my face to the heavens, and my eyes to the clouds

Some are a wisp, as from an artists light brush
they seem oh so high, no human can touch
Some move so swiftly, seems somewhere to go
they rush or' the sky, they move to and fro

But the ones I loved best were like cotton and free
they'd flow and they'd cluster, new shapes yet to be
There's Abraham Lincoln, there's a ship with it's sails
there's Mickey and Donald ..... a long string of pearls

They appear soft and fluffy, as a fine feather bed
if I could fly up there, to once rest my head
Now I am grown and the clouds not so rare
I don't even notice that they are still there

So I look to the heavens, friends hoping to see
Will I recognize them?Will they remember me?
Age can fog and dim your sight, of some of the simplest things
The sun on you face, the wind in you hair, the joy that these all bring

So back to my youth, back so many days !.... one memory if I could buy
my back to the ground, my face to the heavens and a cloud to fill my eye.

By Unknown Legend

© 2012 Unknown Legend (All rights reserved)


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