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Facebook Can't Get You Into Heaven.
Facebook can't get you into heaven
So why must you read facebook 24-7
Facebook is now closing in on 1 billion users every day
I wonder how many of them pray
How many pick up there bible and read
Instead they look up facebook for there every need
I know facebook can be fun and we find old family and friends
Messages and birthday wishes to each other we send
Pictures we share and some talk of many things
How many pictures are there of Jesus the King
How many stores do you share of the Lord above
Mostly you read of someone cheating on there true love
You read many things and that is OK
Just remember Jesus not facebook is there to stay
Facebook will not get you into heaven
So why must you read face-book 24-7
I'm not saying facebook is wrong I'm just wondering each day
How many of these 1 billion users stop to pray
You go into someones home or even someone walking down the street
A computer or phone with facebook on they think oh so neat
You go into someones home how many bibles do you see
How many stories of Jesus do you hear oh gee
Facebook we share good news and bad news to
Jesus wants you to share with him all news from you
Jesus is the reason you live today
Take a minute from face-book thank Jesus and pray.

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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