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Chapter 06 ~ Reindeer and Spirit Walker

Chapter ~ 6
Reindeer and Spirit Walker


Reindeer and Spirit Wind had traveled many moons
since leaving the camp of Chief White Cloud.

The unbearable heat of the day, had caused
her to travel with only the stars and the moon
for light, making her passage to become
increasingly treacherous.

The journey went on endlessly, supplies were low,
and there was still no sign of Spirit Walker.

It always seemed to Reindeer that she was being
watched. Who would be stalking her in what seemed
this wilderness of no return?

As uneasy as the feeling of being watched made her,
it gave her a ration of hope to fantasize that perhaps
why her feelings were so strong, was because
she could feel Spirit Walker's presence coming
nearer to being found.

Reindeer put Spirit Wind into a steady run.
He wanted full reign, then full rein he would have!
Maybe by letting him become slightly winded, he
would relinquish control without the constant fight
to have his own way.

She begin to pull back on his reins but it was too late
to stop what was about to happen just in front of them.

Startled, and not at all happy to have his hunt
interrupted, the wolf stood his solid ground. Wind Spirit
reared to full height, becoming a large enough adversary,
that the encounter was put to rest, but not before Reindeer
had been thrown to the ground, and Wind Spirit had went
forward into the night, without her. . . . .

Completely alone, with no supplies or water,
Reindeer drifted in and out of consciousness with only
the night winds to hear her pleas.

''Please Great Spirit, do not let me die here
without again holding my baby and being
held by Spirit Walker''

To Be Continued . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel
Rewritten August 27, 2012

By aspiring_angel

© 2019 aspiring_angel (All rights reserved)


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