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No sound of Goodby

He said=
Let me walk right out the door,
and you won't have to see me cry.
I'm only taking memories,
and you hate the word goodby.

It's just those early memories
of foot prints in the sand,
and wadeing in the surf,
two lovers holding hands.

Of our walking in the forest,
with sunlight on your face.
It changed your yellow dress
to a queens emarald lace.

We climbed on to the mountian,
beneath a sky of azure blue,
we stood and gazed at the lake below,
with it's many changing hues.

Then dark clouds came into our lives,
bringing bitterness and fears,
scowling faces and hurtful words,
just brought us both to tears.

Let's hold on to these memories,
to recall on cheerless days
then maybe we can both survive,
as we go our seperate ways.,

Then she walked into his arms,
he thrilled at her embrace,
and every thought of parting,
was gone, without a trace.

ed rhodes 7/9/2011

By Morriss_2

© 2012 Morriss_2 (All rights reserved)


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