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Imprints of your heart and soul
Along life's journey - imprints grow
Casting images of butterfly
Tulips dancing in the twilight.

Capturing the moon on
A starlit tangerine night
Watching lightning bugs in flight
Dandelion sparklers-shining bright.

Glimmering magic everywhere
Caught up in the moonlight
Of dreams passing in the night
Dancing - dancing - until the light.

Who's peeking out from under
Their blanket of star spangled night?
Awakening to amber
Waves of sunlight!

Along life's journey - imprints grow
Rewinding your own picture show
Taking from all of life's poignant lessons
And forming your own poetic impressions.

Eva Marie Ann Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2018 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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