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Everyday Heros.
I have many Every day Heros many help me through
God is my number one hero he is there when I'm happy when I'm feeling blue
God knows me inside and outside
God helps me with secrets I hide
God is always there day and night
God is my everyday hero he is my rock my light.

My christian counselor has helped me many many years
He is an every day hero to help many with there fears
He prays for me for others to
An everyday hero I see in him who helps others through
Times I feel to give up
He knows what to say when things are to tough.

My minister who is also my special friend
Is an everyday hero for many prayers he sends
He helps me anytime any day
He knows just what to say
An everyday hero he is a blessing sent from God above
As he helps many and shares Gods love.

My an everyday hero a blessing as he is there for me
He is a number one Dr. for he is there anytime he needs to be
Just a phone call away
He helps and heals many come what may
I am blessed with a Doctor so great
In my book number one Dr.he rates.

Everyday heros I see
My starlite family and friends are everyday heros to me
When I'm down and blue
A little email or poem sent from one of you
Some live close some far some in the land down under and that is ok
As each one of you are a Hero and a blessing sent my way.

Challenge write for-jollynoblefrog
- -Everyday Heros -)

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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