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Chapter 10 ~ Reindeer and Spirit Walker

Chapter ~ 10
Reindeer and Spirit Walker

A Long Journey's Ending

Reindeer and I want to thank you
for finding your way
to the conclusion of this chapter
in our life's journey.

We thought we would
drop in on you one last time
to tie up a few loose ends.

We as a family,
now live within the tribe
of Chief White Cloud.

He has become not only our chief
but has also become
like a father to both of us, and a
doting grandpa to Running Bear.

He and Desert Wind's love
and support makes
the distance between the village
of our childhood and our home
of today much easier.

Oh and yes . . .

When the chief sent me to follow
Reindeer on the trail?

He knew that she was the
princess that owned my
heart even in my anger
and confusion.

Poncho's foot has healed nicely
and he and Reindeer are as close
in heart as ever. They go for a ride
every sunrise and the two of them
share secrets I may never know.

And what of Wind Spirit?

We never saw Wind Spirit again after
he left Reindeer alone on the trail.
We are sure he is running proud and
free somewhere within the beauty
of our wilderness.

Running Bear is growing so quickly.
We hope that soon we can give
him a little sister to join us
in our family unit.

You may be wondering
about Lone Wolf who was really
the cause of our stories beginning.

He lives now only in our past.

We live now in our
present and our future.

He holds no place in either.

If there is a moral to be learned
from our story it would be this.

Hold to love tightly
for it is so easily lost
and most times so hard
to find again . . . .
If it can ever again be found.

Be willing to forgive.

Be willing to listen.

Be willing to continue to love
even when your heart is broken.

If love is true . . . . It is worth
the effort to preserve.

If it leaves?
Then it was time for it to go.

It is now time for us to become
only characters that once lived
upon your computer screens and
within the fantasy of the writer who
has briefly given us life.

We live now within happily ever after
and in all hearts that believes
in the magic of love.

May your journeys be happy.
Your troubles be few.

And . . .

May you always find
a reason to smile.

Our Love,
Reindeer and Spirit Walker

Aspiring and I thank you so much
for following with us through this
story of how true love
can conqueror all.

It is with some sadness that I must
now tell you . . . .

This story has now found its ending.

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From the pen of Aspiring Angel
and presented with love by Lesa Gay
September 08, 2012

Rewritten within the month of May 2018.

Donna (goldpenghost) thank you so much
for your collaboration of graphics and placement

By aspiring_angel

© 2019 aspiring_angel (All rights reserved)


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