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Where Poets Dream
Where Poets Dream

Sitting upon my patio deck shaded by my branching maple trees
I become one with nature as I feel and heed the breeze.
Flowers are abundant in my little flower pots-blossoming rainbows
That overflow the plots where hearts mend and love grows

As I gaze upon the country roads letting go of worries and woes
I'd like to stay here in maples shadow
Protector from all life's scorching rays
And dream like poets do of better coming days

I find my serenity in Gods open space
A world of its own so full of love and grace.
The scent of nature's mowed grass - making nature's perfume
And those rose bushes I planted that have just begun to bloom

All add an aroma to my outdoor room.
There's musical tranquility here where nature's orchestra
Play to an open ear, oh such a delightful place
Nothing evokes more pleasure

Except perhaps when I was young and only knew about having fun.
Oh how I'd laugh with glee to be young again and carefree
But I know that youth lies within the fountain of a poet's mind
Where all things are beautiful and artistically designed!

On a poet's journey in this life, so fast paced with the times
Many never stop to find their peace of mind the scent of nature
On a hot summer's day, the caress of the wind that carries you away
From all life's pressures that our lives bring

A place in time where poets dream!

Eva Marie Ann Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2018 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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