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The little boy hugged his teddy, then placed it on his bed,
told it listen closely, they're things that must be said.
My mother tries hard to hide it, but soon I go away,
God needs me in heaven and it could be any day.

You're the only one I can trust besides my precious mom,
so do the things asked of you to keep dear mother calm.
I won't be here to hold her, so you have to be the one,
swear you'll let her hug you till the crying is all done.

Promise, you'll stay next to her, especially that first day,
then she'll love you, as I do, and always let you stay.
When you see her missing me and her face is really sad,
let her squeeze you tight, so things won’t seem so bad.

Teddy lay with his little friend, while the angels came that night,
one touched the tiny bear, so it glowed in Gods’ pure light.
At service his mother held the bear, while weeping for her son,
in heaven a little boy smiled, teddys’ job had just begun.

By Billyrob

© 2012 Billyrob (All rights reserved)


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