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I Resist and Refuse to Love Again
My life full of excitement
no stress in sight or even a dull moment to show
because you always had me on high energy
and it felt for a second I lived in a fairy-tale
a lifetime dream held right at hand
captured in a picture perfect
melody only angels could sing
we were what every romance best seller strive to write
and every painter works harder to produce that one in a million masterpiece
my baby, my best friend
so how did it all end?

Now time and time again I tried to switch back the hands of time
but it just stares back instead mocking me
as it tick tucks in front of me with its hideous face
I yell in despair knowing full well I can't escape into the past
defeated I try to break loose but end up nowhere for I am paralyzed

I'm on a one way street without a U turn to return to you
I've searched even sailed in the seven seas
but you're nowhere to be seen
you've disappeared and that's a fact I've to accept
but I
I resist and refuse to move on
to love somebody else, you must be joking
how can I knowing I've tasted the sweetest of love
no one else will do (there is no one like you)
yes it's true there is no substitute for your love
you're hard to place that's for sure
and I'll sacrifice my whole life in hopes we'll meet again
somewhere down this road, I believe

By Cheetahjaz

© 2012 Cheetahjaz (All rights reserved)


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