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Have you seen the ice-cream truck?
Usually comes here around noon.
You can hear it from a block away
With its lovely chiming toon...

Oh, here it comes now
Better hurry and run
Have to find my piggy bank
Before its all gone.

I hope I have enough
Oh, no I'm too small to reach
What am I to do?
As my brother picks me up

Now I'm happy and not blue.
Lets see what shall I have
What kind of flavor today
I know I'll just have one

Of those chocolate pops.
Shaking out my piggy bank now
I find I'm a little short
So I start my crying for all to see.

My brother gives me another penny.
Now this makes me very happy
They let me in the front of the line
Because I'm so short you see

Don't want to get trampled on
By the older kids then me
Back to my swing now to eat my ice-cream
Oh how delicious it is to me.

And I even used my own money
Instead of begging mommy!
Oh no it's melting now
I've got it all over me.

All grown up now no chiming
Do I hear!
What happened to the ice-cream truck?
Ya know the one that came around noon

Giving children pleasure
And excitement to see,
So sad they don't have them anymore
Because I'm still that child that loves ice cream!

Eva Marie Ann Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2018 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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