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The night is dark 'cept for the moon
eerie, haunting, shadows swoon
Autumn's breath releases sigh
chants a gruesome lullaby
Spirits rise from hardened ground
reach for sky with ghoulish sound
Topple tombstones as they rise
twilight chants a lonely cry
Rattling bones climb from graves
of those who passed in yesterday's
Fallen leaves begin their dance
'cross the yard as if in trance
Thunder bolts crash thru the sky
watched by clouds with misty eyes
On Hallow's Eve when moon is bright
ghosts arise, take up their flight
Jack-O-Lanterns, tainted smirks
eyes aglow where shadows lurk
Silhouettes line winding path
groaning, moaning, deadman's wrath
Hauntings on All Hallow's Eve
arms outstretched of frightened trees
Earth sings out her morbid tune
beware the spirits 'neath the moon
Creaking of the spider gates
those who enter, meet their fate
Eerie, dreary, chills of night
shadows, sounds, deadman's plight
Thickened clouds hang overhead
paving roads of fear and dread
Chanting, panting ever near
spirits of the night appear
~ ~~
Toppling over granite stones
creatures rise with rattling bones
Boney fingers claw at dirt
lifting selves from 'neath the earth
Gather on our darkened streets
form large circles round the trees
Whirling, swirling, Autumn leaves
chanting echoed in the breeze
Slither down winding path
demonic laughter, deadman's wrath
Midnight waltz 'neath silvery moon
silhouettes creep to midnight tune
Screaming, scheming, eyes aglow
casting shadows high and low
Clawing, pawing, watchful eyes
in the distance, werewolf cries
Gasping, grasping, ghoulish grins
terror lurks in Autumn wind
Hallow's Eve when dead arise
beware the night, moonlit skies

Trick or Treat Challenge
hosted by TracyBond


By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2018 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Trick or Treat (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Trick or Treat (challenge has been closed)

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