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It happened in Killarney
It happened in Killarney, yes, it happened one fine day
It happened in Killarney in the merry month of May
I was strolling by the ocean, aye, was struck with funny notion
You were singing by the ocean wearing little but your lotion
I was captured by your fancy, as I wondered at your dancing
How your beauty did enchant me, no, not once did you glance at me
I just sat me down and pondered, as around me you did wander
You did not seem to be quite real, ah, you did dance with such great zeal
A sudden, you looked straight at me, you looked at me and with such glee
You ran and jumped into the sea, but you would just not leave me be
You jumped about, then you got out, and singing you danced round about
Then, you swam out into the sea, you disappeared, where could you be
I shared it with a friend of mine, they told me I had lost my mind
Aye, it happened in Killarney, they said that I was full of Blarney

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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