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The last American Hero
For God, Country, Family, he stood for all the people, the good, the bad
He rose above the rest, the price he paid, imbued by faith in God, to him did pray
The task, it was long, his mind it was strong, his family prayed and the war was won
Now old and frail, gets his strength from God, his feet move slowly, as he feebly trods
Our debt owed to him and those who arose, to fulfill the task, to defeat our foes
Undying love, loyalty, to stand his ground, stand against the wind, as it blows round
In God's control, the enemy not found, amazing love from God indeed surrounds
Will they again be found, when in our need, from our God above in him to believe
Without our God, we will go down to defeat, falling on our knees, in prayer to seek
Make their task easy, falling on your knees, pray that our God be with them on that day
Wars can not be won by police actions, we send our troops to certain destruction
Remember our veterans, old and frail, protect those we send forth, let them not fail

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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