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With Open Wings
With Open Wings

It's me my love, back from my
Journey of solitude,
Tired of the empty filled days.
Reaching out to you once more,
through life's chaotic maze!

Look within the reflection of my soul,
Come my love share this reality once again
Allow our emotions there to flow.
Feel the softness of my breath as I whisper,
' I love you,' against your tender cheek.

You told me once there is no poetry
In the silence that has made me weep.
Yet still there was the silence!
As a lost bird without a soulful word to sing
I couldn't find my melody.

I was in the darkness of my silent world once again,
Reach out to me now my love and lift me up on the wings
of your imagination!
Where lovers are made on dreams
And feelings!
Transform me into a world that poet's of the heart share
Take me to that place of sanctuary.

Let me hide within the warmth of your embrace there,
Protected with the armor of your love.
Allow me to awaken my inner being as you breathe
Life back into my soul!
You see the words they
come so slow,

Yet tis me my love,
Back from the silence of the night!
I had a broken wing
Alone I did disappear a bird in broken flight.
All this time I've been healing!

Now I'm ready to fly to you once again,
With open wings!

Eva Marie Ann Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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