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A Thanksgiving Angel.
There's angels among us I know
As one Thanksgiving day at my door an angel did show

As my husband had said we wouldn't have anything to eat and no one could come by
Later that day an angel came then there was hidden tears in my eyes

She knew I wasn't allow to let her in
For she knew what would happen again

She handed me a big brown bag whispered here take this and walked away
I'll always remember that Thanksgiving day

There was 2 plates of hot turkey,potatoes,corn and even a biscuit or two
A little note that read a little Thanksgiving meal for the two of you

I gave him his plate he was happy to get the food
I knew I had to eat mine back in my room as he was still in his bad mood

Then I noticed a little note stuck to the bag
Happy Thanksgiving sis, we love you, oh yes she was an angel that Thanksgiving day

I ate alone but knew someone did care
Even if no one was there

Later on a week or so she said had to make him a plate or I new what he'd do
Angels among us times more then a few.

=challenge write for Aelita= Angels-

By Just little me

© 2012 Just little me (All rights reserved)


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