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The Promise

The Promise

The young man walked beside the rails
As the stars lit up the early evening sky
He listened to a very distant whistle's whale
As if in a very fond and sad goodbye

They had buried him in a paupers grave today
The man that rode the trains and let his spirit fly
A fashioned cross of branches that bore no name
Whispered a soft and lonely hobo's lullaby

He lay now gone

All others that had stood beside the grave
Left now again to the rails of distant winds
The young man stayed to honor the promise made
To whom had always been his special friend

Son if I should die please bury this beneath a Willow tree
Mattering not that it may lay to find the ground's decay
Do not open to look upon what I have entrusted to thee
Until the time the day has come you have
lain me in my grave

Where was he to find a Willow within this wooded land
Just then an unexpected breeze
Took the envelope from his unsuspecting hands
As if his friend was there and meant to tease
It skipped across the wilderness as if all had been planned

Catch me if you can played strong to catch what he had lost
His fingers almost to find its presence
Then to the winds it would again find its way to be tossed
Speaking do you not know this is meant to be a present
As yet one more time the game of catch me paid its cost

Darkness now played making it next to impossible to see
He reached and won the game at last and as he rose
There it stood in magnificence a giant Willow tree
The young man somehow knew not to begin to suppose
How this could possibly have found its way to be

The time now to release what was in the envelope to be seen
A peace falling upon himself and his shaking hands
Beneath a bright and rising moon he began to read
Clearly written were the words to try to help him understand

You have blamed your Mother for all these years
That a father's face you were not allowed to see
When you could no longer take her constant tears
You took to the rails as me

Do you remember when I found you son
Cold and hungry in that old boxcar
You asked me then where I had begun
And how I had come so far

What I did not say then but will tell you now
We did not meet by accident that day
Your Mom begged me to find you on your prowl
Her heart, our son, a confused and bitter runaway

This path you take is a lonely road a hobo's life of sorts
I can no longer protect you from what you're running from
Young man you life is far too short
To spend your youth chasing yet another setting sun

I had your respect if but just for awhile
You, the son I never knew
I bring you to beneath the branches of reconcile
And leave a gift just beneath a foot or two

You yearned to see your Father's face
When you were very young
Look now upon the family that stood in place
Just days before your Mother found me gone

A promise I have made to her that I would bring you home
Don't make me break my promise son
A life is not meant to be lived bitter and alone
My life now has found its way to ending,
Yours has only now begun

You, my Son have kept your promise
Placing these words beneath this weeping tree
Please Son go home to find your Mother waiting
Let me give to her at least one promise kept by me

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Private Challenge
jollynoblefrog * Ruby

My choice of story line
Hobo's Lullabye

By aspiring_angel

© 2019 aspiring_angel (All rights reserved)


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