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Hello...I'm Rosie
I'm a Mother, grandma
sister 'n aunt
was innkeeper, caregiver
have worn several hats

One of ten children
six boys 'n four girls
now eldest of three
seven gone from this world

Loving 'n caring
warm 'n sincere
over-protective of family
friendships held dear

Often times stubborn
am very committed
enjoy a good laugh
my humor demented

Sensitive, bashful
a bit of a martyr
wear smiles to mask pain
many things matter

Sunsets and beaches
bring comfort 'n joy
reminiscing with siblings
rejuvenate soul

Lover of nature
'n flowers in bloom
dislike confrontation
feelings of doom

Hate washing dishes
despise pairing socks
don't like meeting deadlines
constraints of a clock

Want everything tidy
in its proper place
clutter annoys me
distorts my face...:(

Love carrot cake 'n brownies
macadamia nuts
relish chinese, italian
steamers a plus

Enjoy helping others
darkness brings fear
scared of aloneness
sad movies, cause tears

Not easily angered
but temper will flare
if you speak the untruth
pretend that you care

Sometimes I get crabby
an occasional bitch
but... mostly easy going
a good little witch..:)

Abused as a child
survivor by choice
strong willed 'n determined
seldom raise voice

Forensics holds interest
unraveling crime
what makes the mind tick
consumes me sometimes

I love garden veggies
picnics at lake
legs travel like lightening
at sight of a snake

At times I act silly
love singing old songs
writing brings pleasure
hate days that drag on

Am proud of two children
a daughter, a son
most precious of gems
are granddaughters, grandsons

In past was a dancer
in theatrical groups
was 4H leader
instructed scout troops

In arms of a lover
emotions unfurl
butterflies, rainbows
bring out little girl

Both good 'n evil
reside in my soul
can be quiet 'n timid
at other times bold

Disabled at home
seldom complain
hate dead of winter
thunderous rain

Love lemon 'n honey
in cuppa green tea
prefer pepsi for soda
or ice coffee, please

Tidbits about me
openly revealed
secrets from past
forever concealed

Welcome to my world
with nothing pretend
like me or don't
I am...who I am

Devin's Challenge
'Coming Out... who are YOU'

Original post 09/30/12
Edited on 10/19/18

By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2018 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Introduce Yourself (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Introduce Yourself (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Introduce Yourself (challenge has been closed)

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