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It's kinda difficult to talk about me,
The road has been long but smooth.
Not much has taken place out of norm,
Feelings of others I always try to soothe.

I am quiet, reserved, have deep feelings,
Attuned to letting others talk while I listen.
Not much to do except cook him meals,
Or clean the house until it will glisten.

I have been retired many years now,
And been married most all of my life.
Had strict parents when I was young,
Strict husband since being his wife.

I turned to writing as my healing antidote,
Found I could go places, do things in mind.
From the comfort of my home on computer,
Enjoyment here is the best I can find.

Norma found a home as Mistymaiden,
Here on the wonderful Starlite Cafe.
I empty my thoughts from my brain,
This is my personal private cache.

Norma Duncan aka Mistymaiden


By Mistymaiden

© 2012 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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