Just Who I Am
Just Who I Am


I have brown eyes
and hair that once
teased the edge of red
but now flirts
shamelessly with gray.
I have a goofy smile
and laugh easily,
but I cry the same way.
When I was young I would
sometimes fib about my age
but now it matters little to me.
I like the smell of rain
and think lightning is beautiful.
I am often quiet and introspective.
I will always have brown eyes
and I hope laugh easily...
but I may not always
think lightning is beautiful.


I am blind,
legally, anyway.
I believe in God
and I love to sing
but I am shy when I do.
I see things with my heart
that others often overlook.
and I hear life as it plays.
I read the newspaper
and get ink on my nose.
I love my cats
even when they diss me.
I will always love to sing
and I will always be blind
but I may not always
read the newspaper
or get ink on my nose.


I have freckles,
a sprinkle or two.
I love old movies
and enjoy good books.
I wear my heart
upon my sleeve.
My soul is my own
and my dreams are many.
I like who I am
especially my imperfections.
I can catch a football..
I think I will always enjoy good books
but I may not always
be able to catch a football...
not even sometimes.


I have small hands
with short nails.
I like to sit on my porch
on summer days.
I hate mosquitoes
but I love my bayou.
I write poetry.
I cannot drive.
and I adore frozen yogurt.
I once played the piano.
I love fiercely
and unconditionally.
I will always hate mosquitoes
and love my bayou.
I may not always write poetry.
but maybe one day
I will sit and play
the piano again.


And always I will be....
a bit serious, a bit quirky,
a bit shy, a bit not,
a bit out there, a bit pensive.
I may not always have that flirting hair
because it has already stepped into gray's shoes.
But I think I will always like who I am,
embrace my imperfections,
accept my flaws,
and be proud of where I've been.
I will just continue
simply being me...

because I really do not know
how to be anyone else.

for the Introduce Yourself challenge

By Myrna D.

© 2012 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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