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The perils of wardrobe-skeletons
Holding keys to abandoned souls.
And hearts covered with lesions…
Rattling’s in self-confining asbos

Is a self-abuse shadowy iceberg?
That prohibits all natural warmth…
Whatever germinates is a stillbirth?
A trust, that’s eventually abhorred.

Healing can only come from within
Absolving doesn’t arrive easily.
Neither does the strength to forgive.
Who wants to act - reasonably?

It’s skeletons that should suffer
An eternity to loiter - unloved
Locked in their airless; lifeless, coffins
Conduit ice flows bumping abrupt.

Silly me I wrote this after reading Rose's poem Survival for Sisterwolf’s challenge please don’t hurt me! thinking the challenge was still going on. lol

By Mark Heathcote

© 2012 Mark Heathcote (All rights reserved)


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