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Hello, my name is ED RHODES
Hello all,
MY name is Edward, or Ed, , Moriss-2, or my friends call me Dusty, refering to my last name Rhodes.

Born in Oklahoma, we moved to Arizona in the spring of 1941, i was 1 year old that march. My next younger brother was born on the morning of Dec. 7, of that year. NO, he was not the reason the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor either. LOL
I've enjoyed writing short storys and songs since I was a kid.
Now my storys are for my grand children and anyone who likes my kind of story.
Since I am part Cherokee, Irish, English and Dutch, I have a wide choice of things to write about. But with that said, I find my storys about the native Americans hold the interest of my readers, family or outsiders.
Unless I state otherwise, please accept them as works of fiction, even if a little truth is found in the tale.
On occasion, I may write a story I have lived, these will be marked as a true story, all others to be read as fiction, not relateing to my life or any true knowledge on my part.
Should you find a poem or story you like and wish to comment, let me give thaanks here and rest assured, I will visit your page at some time and give comments on those works I may enjoy.
This old 'putor is on it's last legs, so I can't say I'll be on everyday, but as often as I can.
This should be enough about this old story teller to suit anyone. LOL
At 72 years of age, these works are mostly to keep the old thinker, thinking.

By Morriss_2

© 2012 Morriss_2 (All rights reserved)


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