Who Am I?

Who am I?
An interesting question.

I am young,
I love music,
I love love,
I love poetry,
I love friends
and my family.

opera student,
free as a bird,
free with my words,
free to be,
free to reach my destiny.

I am ambitious,
but not silent.

Few people know
what I hold inside.
I do not easily show
emotions on the outside,
and so it has been said
that I seem so carefree.

Behind closed doors,
I shed a tear or two.
I am certainly happy,
but sensitive, in truth,
and the littlest things
can stay with me.

I am a shoulder to cry on,
a calm, listening ear,
someone to rely on,
someone to help relieve your fears,
but just remember that, sometimes,
I need someone, too.

Thank you, Starlite community,
for always showing that you care.
It is you who know my secrets,
carried in words hidden from the air.
Your kind thoughts mean a lot to me;
sincere thanks from me to you!

By Kayla Esther

© 2012 Kayla Esther (All rights reserved)


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