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I know what it's like
To be on top of the heap,
Where no one could call me cheap.
I've had thousands more
Than I've wanted to keep.
Easy come, easy go,
Where it all went,
I just don't know,
I know what It's like
On the bottom of the barrel,
Where anyone could call me cheap,
I didn't care,
Because I didn't have enough to share
Any way.
Any day
Was a good day to try to come up,
To reach a little higher,
To escape from the mire,
To set the world on fire,
If I could only buy a match.
I know what it's like
To fly from Park Place in my own sky,
To have an instrument failure and not cry,
To crash and burn, but not die,
To leave the park bench that became my friend,
To launch a new adventure to come up again.
I know what physical existence is like,
I believe that spiritual existence is everlasting.
I know what it's like,
To search for my own place in the scheme of things,
To pray for my own space to The King of Things.
I know what it's like
To be me.

By fredcu2

© 2012 fredcu2 (All rights reserved)


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