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A Scheppers Girl

photography by Stefan Beutler

A Scheppers Girl

l am a Scheppers girl,
the granddaughter of Ben

born of irish descent
l am the spitting image of my father,
the sibling to four

l am auburn haired
with eyes of distinguishable hues...
l love coffee, Monroe, and the California coast
and as a little girl l hoped someday
to be a ballerina

my best friend is a Microsoft page, and a thesaurus
l bleed muted words
that take me from an oversized chair
to somewhere in Paris,
to somewhere within the circumference of
my imagination

l am the keeper of cheerios,
of toddler smiles and guileless hands
l am a wife, a mother
and a nurturer of seeds and souls

too tall to be a ballerina, l am...
content to be the poet you see...

the granddaughter of Ben

submitted for
lntroduce devinjeanel!


© 2014 KELLY SCHEPPERS (All rights reserved)


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