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Hello, my name is Charleen or Suzi Q.

Yanna on right at 4 mths. old

I was born and raised in Illinois.
I have been blessed with six beautiful children,
3 sons and 3 daughters and several grandchildren.
They are scattered all over this country, so we rely on snail mail, email and cell phone to keep in touch and up to date.
I wish we could see them more often, but
they have their own lives to live.
I love to write about my favorite subject, Animals. Over the years, we have had a variety of pets.
We’ve had rats, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, skunks, ferrets, birds and 2 red tailed {young}
Sharks. My oldest son bought the sharks at a pet store.
My favorite most unusual pet I owned, was “Yanna” my Jungle cat, she was shipped to me at 6 weeks old.
She was bottle fed from the day she was born, and I continued for a few more weeks. We bonded instantly.
She loved to curl up on my shoulder until she got too Big.
She made the cutest chirping noises. Later on, I heard loud “ Barking” I thought it was the neighbors dog, until I noticed it was coming from Yanna, she was in heat.
I taped her barking because when she was out of heat she stopped barking and whenever my Grandson came to visit, he would go in Yannas room to listen to her bark. He thought she was so Coool !!
She was so loud the neighbors ask what kind of dog did I have? I don’t think they beileved me when I said it was my “Cat”. Lol
I’m on Starlite because I enjoy reading stories by talented writers.

By suzi_q

© 2012 suzi_q (All rights reserved)


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