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Do not heed the vain prophets who speak falsely in my name
They are prophets of deceit, saying thusly I have dreamed
For their dreams are full of lies, they deceive of their own heart
The prophet that has a dream, so let him tell of his dream
He that speaks and has my word, let him speak my word faithfully
Is not my word like unto a fire, like unto a hammer, breaks rocks
It breaks the rocks into pieces, I am against these false prophets
They steal my word from my people, those that prophesy false dreams
Causing my people to err, I sent them not nor called unto them
They profit not my people, do not give heed to their falsehoods
For my word have they perverted, utterly will I forget these prophets
Utterly will I forsake them, the false prophets who vainly speak
Everlasting reproach upon them, perpetual shame not forgiven
Heed well the true word of God, keep his word within your very soul

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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