Here I am
Here I am but how did I get here?
From the cotton field to the jet plane
Traveling from the country to far away
Never dreaming as a child I would go so far.

Dreams to reach a distant star
Formed in my mind
Taking root in my heart
As I wished to reach out and reach high
Maybe even touching the sky.

These dreams began to grow
Encouraged by parents with great love to show
As I developed my knowledge and skill
Limited only by my courage and will
And determination to master challenges
As opportunity left open doors
For me to accomplish more and more.

I learned early in life to work for my dreams
Earning money to take me where I wanted to be
Knowing education was the key.
With a thirst for knowledge
I was eager to learn all my days
And my life was made richer in many ways
From grade school all the way through college.

From a family of seven I found
That love made a bond strong
Binding me to parents and siblings
And later to husband and three children
Who opened my heart and soul
To a love for others who came my way
Patterned after the greatest love
From my heavenly Father above.

A love of reading early in life
Followed me all my days
With hopes of someday writing
To share with others my thoughts and feelings
Hoping to touch and inspire another
To remember what came before
And the twists and turns of the road
From there to now
Fulfilling the dream of long ago
By writing poems and sharing them on the internet
Hoping to leave a mark none will ever forget.

Hope you enjoy the story of Jane Ward Smith

~Jane Ward Smith

By jws

© 2012 jws (All rights reserved)


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