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Dreams of Flight


I dreamed I was a pilot,
because I'd seen the birds fly
and I longed to be there with them,
to swoop and glide across the sky.

To look down on the fields of grain,
soar over the forest trees so green,
dance and twist in search of the drafts,
that would allow a flight so clean.

Drift along, with the Bald Eagle,
soar up beneath the clouds above,
twist , turn and sing songs of joy,
of thrills and freedom of flight we love.

Drift aloft with the Albatross
as he glides above the sea,
watch ships as they come and go,
yes, we’ll both fly free.

Dance with the Starlings,as they go,
See them flit from tree to tree,
Like a cloud they fill the sky,
As far as the eye can see.

So yes I'd love to be a pilot,
feel the strength of my wings,
I'd rejoice in my freedom,
that the feel of flying brings..

10/11/2012 ©

By Morriss_2

© 2012 Morriss_2 (All rights reserved)


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