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The Who Is Me KKD

The Who Is Me

For so many it is hard
to dig deep with in
I know this to be fact
but I have to go back to begin

As a daughter
so good I tried to be
Her I could never please
He, well my hero just loved me

As a student
I never quite measured up
And always ended
with not being good enough

As a wife
I really had no clue
but I was sure it did not
include black and blue

Or to be placed upon a shelf
not even knowing I draw breath
A second failed marriage
meeting a timely death

As a mother
well I had no example to be
And now too late I learn
I should have just been me

As a woman
of forty I was so confused
I knew not who I was
my own tools never used

I look in a mirror
not knowing the reflection
It was then I knew
my life needed direction

For years I ambled through
so very lost
To not find me
to be too great a cost

To sort though
all the scary unknown
To dig so very deep
into the hurts that had grown

The pain and shortfalls
were not the real me
My only salvation found
when I went on bended knee

Being quiet, still and listening
to God's whispers upon my heart
Took me to where I needed to be
Right where I needed to make start

That time seems
so very far away
When I now stand tall
proud each day

To hurt another
scars my heart
But lie I will not
and crush your heart

If I can leave a smile
upon a heart and face
then I know I am walking
at my given pace

I give of who I am
my heart open and free
I trust my Heavenly Father
to lead me to the who is me

ღ KKD ღ
It is only to Him that I answer

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
(All rights reserved)
October 2012

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© 2018 ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ (All rights reserved)


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