Moving On ... again
In education we are taught
to try hard every day
what is right and what is not
I thought, that's how I'll stay

My mind set on just how to live
I left and went to work
each day my all I knew I'd give
I'd try hard, never shirk

After school I spent two years
in office work … not clear
so many jobs, some great careers
my future … far or near?


At 17, I did enlist
to leave I felt the yearn
my mum goodbye then I kissed
my dad said I'd return ….

Over 20 years I served
my country and my Queen
a different lifestyle I observed
both peace and war I'd seen

I left the Army life behind
and found it quite a strain
a new career I'd have to find
now starting out again


Retail Management for me
to run a team and store
again on courses I would be
to make the grade once more

20 years I gave that task
and recently it ended
I did all that my boss would ask
but now that life's suspended


Writer is my new career
it's what I want to be
the store I work now is quite near
three 'work days' now for me

No more management I asked
so now I'm Sales Assistant
no heavy duty jobs now tasked
my writing time's consistent


I've got a blog and website too
and finished my first book
when published I may well ask you
to try it, take a look

It's only been a week since I
stepped down in my grade
while at work though I still try
to earn the cash I'm paid

My life's is now my writing
and my artwork too
to some it's not exciting
but what I want to do


So here I'll be once again
writing the odd verse
hitting keys or using pen
to neither I'm adverse

I'll make an effort when I can
to comment on your rhyme
it should fit within my plan
now I should have more time

* * *

Written for:
Anything Goes
Host: Kia

By Tomfoollery

© 2012 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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