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For Devin and Tracy

All of our Starlite friends, family and poets got together today
Making a cake to thank you our dear Devin and Tracy at Starlite Cafe

We all mixed in one bowl of thank you for all the delightful things you do
Added 2 cups of sunshine and the Care Bears are all coming today too

6 cups of marshmallows to bounce and dance on the marshmallow clouds delight
10 strawberries and lots of ice cream on top to say how much you are loved at Starlite

A cup of joys and happiness to all of us. Thanks for all you both do each day
3 cups of honey, and 3 cups of smiles to have a delightful day today whatever you do
Yum thatcake look delicious. To thank you both Devin and Tracy we are having a party delight

By starlight1

© 2012 starlight1 (All rights reserved)