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When starlit skies awaken
a sleepy poet's muse
surrenders to the darkness
inspired by full moon

Like children playing hopscotch
words jump from page to page
putting thoughts on paper
as muse and pen, engage

Soft whispers of an ocean
nature's lullaby
a tapestry of verses
as seen through poet's eye

Imagery on parchment
where others dare not go
imagination leapfrogs
to places of unknown

Winter storms in summer
with bitter, chilling tales
sunsets weep in sorrow
scars paving bloody trails

A serenade, sweet romance
t'ween sheets of gentle sighs
life and all its turmoil
where love 'n hate collide

Moods of many colors
from heart the poet writes
scribbles on blank pages
in the silence of the night

Should tomorrow start
without us
the words remain behind
splashes of our heart songs
from inkwells of the mind

Within the hush of madness
of another sleepless night
whispers taunt his being
'til with pen in hand he writes

Releasing self of shackles
to again feel whole, alive
embracing with a passion
the hunger deep inside

Brings inner thoughts to surface
in stories, verse and rhyme
to one day be remembered
when his quill runs dry

Challenge using phrase 'In The Silence Of The Night'
Hosted by, Angelic51 (Landis)


By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2017 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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