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Today is A Gift
She sits by the window
watching for a rainbow
the gentle rain has gone
behind clouds in billow
the stars kissed cupids bow

Her lover a writer
went to Spain without her
to sip on his coffee
under skies of October
wearing his sable fur

She danced in her panties
showing off her fanny
to the silent mirror
she smiled so happy
admiring her body

He lit a cigarette
no time for him to fret
while reading the paper
He decided to bet
hoping he'd pay a debt

The Time was eight o'clock
she ran clear to the dock
her boat would be waiting
she had no free time to talk
somehow her mobile locked

To keep him company
he sipped on gold brandy
scribbling words that rhymed
*the Flamenco gypsies
ladies sensuously pretty*

The boat engine didn't start
her day was falling apart
in the salty autumn breeze
she admired the trees
shades of mahogany

He finished his rough draft
She jump on a rubber raft
life was busting at the seams
two hearts as one easy math
elegy, elegy wafted

By Caprichos

October 24, 2012

By Caprichos

© 2012 Caprichos (All rights reserved)


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