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A long cold year
frosty the morn, formed by the dew, fresh is the air, making things new
slowly the melt, touched by sunshine, the night time freeze, snow flakes so fine
snow falling fast, covers the ground, trees bending low, wind blowing round
snow after snow, time moving slow, ever so long, never it goes
winter no end, message to man, help fellow man, whilst you still can
April then May, children still play, out in the snow, all the long day
May gone, now June, snow falls, no moon, June then July, sunshine not nigh
no flowers grow, no grass to cut, snow blowers sell, build a snow hut
warm wedding gowns, wedding bells chime, people wear frowns, all of the time
summer is gone, fall, winter, come, deep freeze goes on, hot heated buns
in layers dress, keep from the cold, frozen the breath, brazen and bold
no place to buy, too cold to go, no cloudless sky, no melting snow
snow houses built, snow aplenty, pack them with quilts, always so wintry

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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