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Lightning flashes, Storm clouds roll, thunder crashes, church bells toll
Wind screams loudly , trees torn from soil, quakes shake the ground, buildings fall down
Mushroom clouds boil, wind blows things flat, poisonous air, furious the snow
No shelter found, no food to eat, water not safe, nothing to drink
Skin burning hot, soon starts to rot, unsafe the air, safety nowhere
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go, everything burned, perhaps below
Walk underground, much better not, smoke everywhere, vision so poor
Stumbling I fall, get up so slow, hold to the wall, forward I go
Increasing cold, need to keep warm, onward I plod, try to stay calm
Shelter at last, fire burning low, quickly I pass, danger I know
No one at all, I'm all alone, onward I fall, suddenly down
Cooler the air, warmness I feel, hope for some care, feeling unreal
Voices I hear, somewhere ahead, fall on my ear, fueling my dread
Into the light, people abound, something not right, knocked to the ground
Upward I see, looking my way, my enemies, digging my grave
Looking at me, my vision blocked, I can not see, my head is rocked
Nowhere to go, my life wanes fast, to death I go, my life is cast

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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