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There are legends of paradise on earth
that have never been found
Yet there are Cherokees
who have always known
of this secret place ...


As the furies quell
The night wind's gales
will you sit here beside me
and listen to my wolf tales?

There was a time when the forests
were green and pristine
Mountain streams were clear
with a shimmering gleam

Wolf was wild and ran free
living 'midst honorable Picts,
Saxons and Britons
but far across the sea ...
A new history was being written

Shadows began to fall across the land
In America came new tribes of man
Chaotic, and their ways were strange
Yes, everything began to change

Neither experience nor time
could change the spirit of mankind
As they fought against each other,
filled with greed and hate,
destroying all in their wake ...

Today's man lacks the honor
of the Knights and Warriors of old
seeking riches and black gold
They have bartered their hearts and souls

In your quest for riches and oil today
you have pushed us away
There is no place left for us
The Hunter has become the prey

Hundreds of us are being killed
by heartless hunters out for a thrill
Is it wolf or man who is the beast
when our only wish is to walk in peace

The Sacred earth
with our blood runs red
Will this cruelty stop
before the last wolf is dead?

We Wolves have searched the land
to escape the cruelty of man
fleeing on the harsh winds of time ...
when Earth is neither yours nor mine

In my despair one lonesome night
I met an old Cherokee ... He said,
'Wolf you cannot win this fight,
follow me through these trees
I'll show you a secret of the Cherokees'

Now I gathered my faithful pack ...
as we crossed Grave Yard Flats
I knew Spirits of old were with us
for behind, we had left no tracks

I began to see and understand
the old Cherokee was no ordinary man
Leading us thru star paths and portals
he was a Spirit Warrior, an Immortal

I followed him to a huge mountain
He showed me
hidden caverns and caves
The heart of a Mystic Mountain
where many Cherokee lives were saved

The mountain possesses a Sacred Spell
'midst old worn and hidden wolf trails
A mountain reaching beyond the skies
it is invisible to human eyes ...

Mazes of hidden switch back trails
magically offers protection and safety
where many different animals dwell
Here, Cherokee enchanment prevails

Mystic Mountain is a secret place
where sky and earth embrace
where evil cannot find nor trace
Suspended in time
by Heaven's own grace

A place where warm winds softly blow
and the healing waters gently flow ...
Where harmony abounds
in hearts, kind and pure
Hidden away, safe and secure

Mystic Mountain, land of Wolf's heart
Now life and freedom have a new start
Where dancing Sunlight softly cascades
as giant pines offer comforting shade

Ancient stars brighten the night
to a silent splendor of light
as glimmering moon beams
brings delight in peaceful dreams ...

The old Cherokee who led us here
walked into the clouds and disappeared
His parting gift was
the Mountain's mystic legacy
So we will be forever safe and free

Sometimes far, far away
you will hear my wolf song
drifting softly in the air
and you will know ...
Wolf's Mysitc Mountain
is still there ...

I'm sure there are unbelievers
among you ...
Could this tale be true?

A Wolf Enchantment, dream or spell
You ask, where is Mystic Mountain?

I'll never tell ...
Signed: A. Wolf

┬ęBarbara LaBarbera

'All praise to you,
Oh Lord, for all these
brother and sister creatures.'
~ St. Francis of Assisi ~

There are legends of paradise on earth

By ThunderWolf

© 2018 ThunderWolf (All rights reserved)


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