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In the glory of the passing moonlight
I tenderly kiss an angel of love so sweet,
Passionate embracing stars of love
Sprinkle romantic dust from above
To make this beautiful night complete.

For it is in the glow of the moonlight
That I confess my undying love,
For a woman of tenderness and feeling
Emotional touch and grace,
For she is an angel of peace from above.

Her beauty overflows like the magic
That adorns nature's colourful face,
Her smile that says I love you
Her sparkling eyes so adoring,
That say I never want to leave this place.

If this is true love and being content
Let the stars shine on us forever
Let the moon shine in pleasure
To shine on the beauty that is mine,
And I shall sware we'll always be together.

For if this were not to be so my darling
My heart would surely break in two,
For I could never find another so sweet
So angelic, so tender, so peace loving,
I would be lost in life's ocean without you.

By listener

© 2012 listener (All rights reserved)


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