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Butterflies And Seasons
A butterfly found one flower after leaving its' cocoon,
the nectar was so tasty, it promised to return, soon.
Being quite naive, did not know it had to roam,
nature would not let it call one flower home.

A small oak eyed each branch, as its' leaves grew thick in spring,
happy for the gentle breezes and warmer sun it brings.
Growing content in summer nights, it was mesmerized by fall,
unaware the colors it loved would end up costing all.

A man vowed never to trust, again, till he met his lady fair,
she softened up a hardened heart and he began to care.
Trusting love was between them, he felt warm inside his soul,
but butterflies, seasons, and lovers might have different goals.

By Billyrob

© 2012 Billyrob (All rights reserved)


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