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You Scared Me!
Normally I'm very good,
my Mommy tells me so.
Usually I'm wearing clothes
and dressed from head to toe.

But just the other day
that changed in a big way
It was not in any way
what I would call a normal day.

My mommy had me dressed
in a fairy princess dress.
She left the room, I took it off.
It was an itchy mess.

Then I heard some screams
and howls outside our door
Then the screams got louder
and even more and more.

I looked for dad and mommy,
'cause I was getting scared
The screams got even louder
and the howling noise just blared.

Yes, I started crying,
I ask now, wouldn't you?
Wouldn't you start crying
at these scary noises too?

If that's all it'd been
I would not have started screaming.
But mommy then dad came in the room
and I thought that I was dreaming.

It wasn't daddy dressed like that,
it wasn't mommy neither.
There were big monsters in the house
and there's me not knowing either.

I'll admit I started screaming,,
the picture is the proof.
But wouldn't you have started screaming?
come on now, tell the truth.

Normally I'm very good,
what my mommy says is true.
Usually I'm very nice
but I get scared sometimes, don't' you?

By blind_poet

© 2016 blind_poet (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Picture This with Devin (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Picture This with Devin (challenge has been closed)

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