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Embracing the Darkness

You lingered on the edges of my mind~
While the energy in the clouds soften my heart.
I refuse to open my eyes~
To the wind that comforts my soul.
The ever presence of solitude keeps me safe.
I have no hidden dreams~ Just a need to bleed
amongst the wild flowers.
Alone I will hear you play your undiluted somber songs~
And I will embrace the night of darkness.
To listen to the waves that will wash my allusive spirit.

You lingered on the edges of my mind~
Tucked yourself cozy in my dreams.
I shunned you from my life and I feel...
No need ~ To announce your fabrication of colors.
Leaves of Autumn have fallen~
Gone to be carried away in the sobering wind.
The gloomy horizon is now yours to keep.
I sowed my seeds and reaped the awards
Gracing my life with acknowledgements.

By Velvet Mist

© 2012 Velvet Mist (All rights reserved)


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