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The legend of The Owl an The Bear
'The Legend of The Owl & The Bear'

Long ago, there lived a great Bear
Powerful and feared because of his size
He lived alone in the woods, in harmony
With mother earth and her beauty
And a Owl
Lived just outside his den to watch over him

One day when the winter snows had came
And the bear was sleeping
The Owl screeched out her alert
Asking to these strange intruders Whoo
Whoo, Who Whooooo
Three strange men came and caught the bear
And took him from the harmony he knew

Displayed in a cage he was poked at
Prodded at by children and adults alike
And the great bear became furious
And he became enraged with hate and anger
And he struck out at all that came near
One day when man was feeding the bear
The bear lashed out in rage and broke free
From the cage that held him from his home

Men gather to hunt the bear like wolves
In a pack they tracked the great bear
The bear traveled for days following the stars
He knew he had to find his way back to the woods
That had held him safely all his life
The bear was lost and in despair

When he noticed an familiar Owl sitting on a log
And the Owl was not afraid of the Bear
The Bear knew that the Owl was wise
And built its home in the hollow of a tree
Perhaps a tree in the woods near a den
That once offered shelter and comforted
The Bear and held him in peace and harmony

The Bear rose up on his hind feet listening
And sniffing the air for the strange animal
That had once taken him from his safety of the woods
He could tell that the man thing was close
And as the day light began to fade
The Bear knew he could never find his way in darkness

He looked back to the Owl as she sat still
Her big eyes gazing off into the night
For the Bear new she could see what he could not
So he waited and soon she spread her wings
As if to take flight but instead she only
Stretched her wings and beckoned to the bear
Follow me Father Bear back to the woods
Where we both knew peace and serenity

The Bear followed the Little Owl in silent flight
As she lead the Bear to safety silhouetted
By the dark cover of the moon lite night
And when the morning sun began to rise
Slowly kissing the beauty of the day
The Bear looked around him and he was home
Back within the woods that he knew
Free once again in the woods to roam

But it was not to be for the Bear and the Owl
Once again the bear stood high and proud
For he was home again in the woods of serenity
As he gazed upon the branch where the Little Owl sat
He felt a tremendous sting in his chest
As a hunters arrow had found him piercing his chest

He stared at the Little Owl who sat silent
Upon her branch with tears flowing from her eyes
But the Bear looked at her with love in his eyes
And thanked the Little Owl
For she had lead him home where he was free
And he promised the Little Owl that because of her deed
He would always watch over her
From high on his place in the heavens
He would always guard her ensuring
The Little Owl, would always
Remained free,,,

The Sioux Indians believe, that this myth is a metaphor
Of the habits of the Bear and the Owl
For the Owl found safety in the closeness of the Bear
As he held away the predators that wish to eat the Owl
And the Owl watched over the Bear, with vigil eyes
As he slept alerting him to all that would wish him harm

The four stars in the cup of the big dipper are the Celestial Bear.
The three stars in the handle are the hunters.
The first is called Robin, the marksman,
The second is Chickadee, the cook,
And the third who lags a little behind is Blue Jay.
Look north in early spring,
You will see the Bear climbing out of her den,
The Corona Borealis.

He was very hungry after his long winter nap,
So he started to climb high in the sky in search of food.
Chickadee spotted him,
But he was too small to hunt him alone
So he called Robin to help.
But first he had to make sure he had his cooking pot right next to him.
Blue Jay lags behind, gathering wood for the fire
To cook the bear.

All three chased the Bear all summer long
As it got fatter and fatter in the sky.
By the time Autumn came
The Bear saw the Indians following him,
He turned and reared up to fight the three.

Taking careful aim,
Robin shot an arrow and Father Bear fell over on his back.
By this time,
Robin had waited long enough to eat some bear fat.
In his eagerness, he jumped on the Bear
And became covered with blood.

Robin jumped up quickly
And tried to shake the blood off.
Although he shook most of the blood off
There was one spot on his chest that would not come off.
Chickadee shouted,
'You will have a red chest as long as your name is Robin.'
And so it is to this day.

The blood that Robin scattered
Fell all over the maple trees
And that is why the maple leaves turn red in the Autumn.
Chickadee started to cook the Bear and as he stirred it,
Some of the yellow fat spilled over,
And that is why some leaves turn yellow in the fall.

Blue Jay was very tired
So he stayed a little bit away,
And was happy to get the scraps of the Bear.
That is why you will see the Blue Jay today following the hunters
And eating what they leave.
All winter the Father Bear's skeleton lies on his back
While his spirit enters a sleeping bear in the cave,
To emerge again in the Spring to start the hunt.
And the story continues¦..


In the end
The Bear & The Owl
Live in Harmony

Anything Challenge

By crazy_horse

© 2018 crazy_horse (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Steve (poison_9901) read challenge page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Steve (poison_9901) read challenge page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: Anything Goes - with Steve (poison_9901) read challenge page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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