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The Same Old Dress
All the kids made fun of her for wearing the same old dress,
laughing because her hair always seemed a mess.
She sat in back of the class, as if trying to hide away,
to keep others from seeing her bruises every day.

When I told my mother, she asked me to treat her nice,
so I began to talk with her to follow moms' advice.
Soon, she began to trust me and we became good friends,
being quite large for my age, I made the laughing end.

She never let me walk her home, but I followed her one day,
summoning courage, went to knock to see if she could play.
I heard her crying and screaming, so I opened up the door,
her father was in a drunken rage, raping her on the floor.

I got so mad I kicked him, then he turned around to see,
his eyes were full of evil when he looked at me.
He got up to chase me, but I ran into the yard,
picked up a brick and hit him really hard.

I did not understand, when they were taking him to jail,
why she looked at me with hate and said to go to hell.
When they placed her in a home, I felt sad for years,
thinking it was my fault, shed many hard felt tears.

Even after twenty years, I still searched for my old friend,
seeming to be close, then hitting all dead ends.
Then, one day while at work a lady asked for me,
before I said hello, she held a picture out to see.

It was my old friend and she stood smiling ear to ear,
saying she was sorry if I felt sad all those years.
She had graduated from college, found herself a life,
even fell in love, and became a good mans' wife.

She had a need to thank me for what I did that day,
wished she hadn't cursed, when they took her away.
When we hugged each other, we both broke down in tears,
but they cleaned away the sadness of over twenty years.

**Written many years ago for Becky, my dear friend.

By Billyrob

© 2012 Billyrob (All rights reserved)


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