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'Tranquillity Lost I Fear'
A serpents rumblings beneath my feet,
With cogent warnings each borrowed heartbeat,
Crushed beneath these tracks, this new-formed avenue,
Accepting orders from this foreign parvenu.
With nests of yellow-beak parrots
and golden parakeet scattered,
across rain forest floor,
where felled majestic trees are gathered.

Wondrous creatures rush past my naked eyes,
Awoken hibernation, before the wheels of progress
Screaming monkey's carrying young,
Clinging branches, escaping some.
Grotesque goblins hanging 'round, serving notice, how profound,
That natures reply will come in time,
Repaying mankind for this deathly crime.

Sadness burns within our soul,
Deep within our core,
as tears from leaves of saplings pour.
Birds of prey scavenge this land in wonder,
What foul a sight,
Destruction and death we plunder.
Tranquillity, while lost I fear,
Whispers in the wind, say the answer is near.

By adthomas

© 2012 adthomas (All rights reserved)


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