R I P Floreann's loving brother

may you rest in peace...
collaboration write of Ailina and Keiki
for our dearest Angel friend Auli'i...

although short as it may seemed
still it was a gift from God
i lived by your commandments Lord
and now you summoned me, here i am.

now, i can finally meet and see you
proved my worthiness for your mercy
my final judgement which i freely
give in your hands, do as You will

because You are good and full of love
i am certain that you forgive
all my faults, my misgivings, and sins
and i asked pardon to those i offended.

accept me O Lord to come live with you
dwell in your Kingdom in heaven
where there will be no sadness no more
will bask in the warmth of your bosom.

to our Angel friend, Auli'i, we feel
what you feel, and do not grieve
of his passing, it is the will of God
no one is made of stones, every one will
meet the Lord, when the time comes.

Auli'i, in your quiet moment, pray
trust in the love and care of the Lord
all that was, that is and that will be
even in time of grieving, He will be
at your side, giving you strenght
to go on, and fill you tomorrows
with lively things to let the memory
of your brother go so he can finally
say, 'look Sister, i am finally free'

May he rest in peace, we love you Auli'i!

By Mikri

© 2017 Mikri (All rights reserved)


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