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Special Box**

I keep a special box next to my heart~
And if I feel as though my life is falling apart.
I open it up and the memories drift out~
To embrace me delicately ~ just like grandma did.

And I still do remember on Christmas day.
My grandma would read to me~
I remember as a young child of three.
She would sit me on her knee.

And recently I opened the box~
To discover a small old clock.
Now that clock sat on ~
a table next to Grandma's chair.

When I close my eyes~
I can see her sitting there.
Her silvery hair freshly bundled up.
Sipping hot tea from her China cup.

I have a special box I keep close to my heart.

By Velvet Mist

© 2012 Velvet Mist (All rights reserved)


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