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The night was cold and icy
I shivered from head to toe,
I sat down in this damp doorway
Because I just had nowhere to go.

I watched them across the road
Piping, steaming, delicious and hot,
Filling up with their take away's
Can't remember my meal I forgot.

They looked at me in their designer clothes
Credit cards fulfilled their dreams,
They were an evil looking lot I thought
With their woman in diamonds and creams.

They never gave me a second look
I was just a sewer rat ravaging for my supper,
They were right in a way I suppose
I never even had a few pence for a cuppa.

Yes, as things stand now I'm a pitiful sight
That's why the thing that matters most to me,
As I write this tale of life and woe
Is to try and regain my health and be free.

Free of these hippocrites of society
Telling me I should get a job,
Without asking me how I got in this mess
They're the ones that want to shut their gob.

Their ignorance is a bloody joke
You see I was a soldier once,
I've got the battle scars to prove it
I'm not clever, but I'm not a dunce.

The mental scars come flashing
As I sit on this damp floor of earth,
So don't ever tell me I'm worthless
I was alright when my mother gave me birth.

For in war you either live or you die
Coming to terms with it mentally,
Don't give you no choice
It's no good asking the question WHY!!!!

By listener

© 2012 listener (All rights reserved)


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