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My name is Troy

Hello again,
Fellow writers, fellow friends,
My name is Troy,
Some of you know who I am,
Been writing for awhile, have many post,
Off and on for some, but consistent for most.
I enjoy many things, from writing to tech,
I enjoy many authors, unafraid to trek,
From Langston Hughes to Poe, Neruda to Frost,
I have no problem,diving in and getting lost.
I love life, along with my wife,
Time is of essence, wasting time is wasting life,
Forgetting that philosophy, will lead to strife,
I love you all; we all have common goals,
Express our emotions, through life’s wash bowl,
No fear to express, we are who we are,
As we are a constant, as our lives are natures star.

By Troylato

© 2012 Troylato (All rights reserved)


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