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(Thought I'd introduce myself a bit more.
Image to poem is a quicky self portrait I did in chalk )

Wisping through dreams I find myself
Not a child of the earthly plane
I connect with the world of dreams
Where my soul isn't tame
Bold energy at lightening speed
Living without a beating heart
To separate the soul at ease
Kinetically a part

To find me you would have to try
To imagine the color blue
As it hangs itself in the wind
When the dream is passing through
Where a glimpse of a soul at rest
Can find pure harmony
I'm detached from nature's ties
To the soul kinetically

When once I connected with the earth
The trees were my only friends
As I discovered that they too
Reached out at both ends
Where feeding on life was thin
And sky to dirt was the same
And energy could not hold still
When it fell with the rain

To be a part of this I'm taught
The mind claims all energy
If I am to live within the dream
Then it must live in me
So I shed off the earthly skin
Like the tree that bares in cold
And take upon the unknown heart
Within my kinetic soul

By Shabetei

© 2012 Shabetei (All rights reserved)


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